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Posted on 2013.10.26 at 20:49
*shudders* the emo is strong in this one

For anyone who cares: I'm moving accounts. Just let me figure everything out.

(nothing important at all)

Posted on 2012.03.30 at 22:16
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Missing You - Alex Day
I haven't posted hear in a long time. I haven't actually been doing anything in a long time either.

I accidentally had by annual "hobo phase" last a couple months longer than I originally intended. Sorry.

But a lot of shit has gone down in the months that I have ABANDONED EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET EVER, OH MY FUCKING GOD. I don't mean that in the normal 'oh my god a lot has been going on guyz, i hav been so freaking busy doing nothing, omg' kind of way. Shit has actually been going down and it is still raining hard.

I think I need to find a new metaphor.

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Long story short:

I'll hopefully start using this journal for real, get back into reading fanfics properly again, and start posting my own fanfics soon.